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In the early days of the founding of the People's Republic You are responsible for cleaning up and renovating the former residence of the late Ming Dynasty.

筱梦涯 is the third daughter of the late Qing dynasty, and the most beautiful and talented of the three daughters. It should have been a generation of talented women. It is unpredictable in the world. After the demise of the Qing dynasty, the family and the aunts were not long before they were depressed. And died, the dreams fell into the brothel. Because she is very good at appearance, she soon became one of the best women in the eight major hutongs. She also sang in the Kunshu Library and became a late Qing dynasty. However, this identity made her start a more tragic life. It also ended her short life. Her resentment haunted the old house until one day someone understood her story.

This is a seemingly dilapidated cottage in the late Qing Dynasty.
In the summer of 1923, when I was killed by the nightmare, I was found to be in a tragic home. All the people who had seen the horror of the scene were seriously ill. Since then, this house has been extremely sinister. It is said that every night there is crying and singing, no one dares to take over or It is rented. After 30 years, in order to complete the work, you are the first person to enter this room. The moment you push the door open, your destiny and the fate of the dream are closely linked. The old house seems to have life. The tragic and resentfulness of the dream is in front of your eyes. At the same time, you have to bear the love and mourning that she tears time and space.

Players need to understand the mystery based on the clues in the house, and every item and even the ground tells the story. Full of emotional plots and rational reasoning. Just figure out the truth of the matter and you can go on.

The game uses an immersive first-person design. Please be bold enough to wear headphones to enter this different world and feel a sad story of love and hate.

The game is now open to the first district of the old house - the dream bedroom, so stay tuned for the updated chapters, the game will open up new areas to explore, and even go back to the Republic of China Kun Library, the Green House, the police station and the Shuaifu experience old The life of the world's dreams.

Welcome friends to leave a message in the discussion area, it is your encouragement to let us present better domestic games to you.

1. Designing scenes in the style of the Republic of China to restore the vicissitudes of that era
2, Original large number of puzzle RPG elements, experience the brain hole moment, burn your brain cells
3. The later DLC will be launched one after another, so stay tuned


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