Fear of Dark :: 惧怕黑暗

Fear of Dark

开发: Perfect games
发行: Perfect games

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聚集在一个团队2-4人,你必须赶上难以捉摸的生物。 要做到这一点,你有很多选择和机会,你的团队是否能够做到这一点主要取决于你的团队合作,互助和凝聚力,以及个人的技能和技能。
使用不同种类的陷阱(如陷阱或电陷阱),引诱与肉的帮助,这是必要的,它的存在,埋伏,并试图引诱他那里的怪物。 避免埋伏,怪物可以为你做的,用聪明才智和狡猾,灵巧,要小心,危险可以等你,即使在最意想不到的地方。寻找机会,用直射光将森林区域奉献给你的任务。 帮助你的团队成员,如果他们是在一个危险的情况,挽救他们的生命,不要忘了你自己。

或者你可以采取的生命猎人玩的怪物,使用的特点的怪物,如合并与森林或调用夜的居民的森林,将很乐意帮助你在你的任务,以及许多其他的功能,在游 使用森林的力量和你的身体不给猎人一个机会来抓住你。打破发电机组,这缩小了你的位置的区域,不要让猎人互相帮助,并试图将它们分开,在这种情况下,胜利将在你身边,看看你的脚,谨防留给你可能的陷阱。 隐藏您的位置,并从伏击你的身体的特征逃脱,不断保持饥饿的水平,这是必要的你的生活。当心直接的光,它改变了一段时间色素沉着你的身体,让你看得见的木材-你的元素,你在它是一个主人,没有人不会给从那里退出活着。



About This Game

Under the cover of night, many people disappeared in the forest, which attracted the attention of local hunters for oddities, gathered, they went to the mysterious forest, where a strange creature of nature wielded, after which an attempt was made to catch him…

In the world of fear of darkness, you can choose who to play for, or for the monster, whose goal is the flesh of living creatures, or for the monster hunters, whose goal is to kill the monster, so he stopped killing the rest…

Gathered in a team of 2-4 people you have to catch the elusive creature. To do this, you have many options and opportunities, whether your team can do it depends primarily on your teamwork, mutual assistance and cohesion, as well as personal skills and skill.
Use different types of traps (for example, a trap or electro-trap), lure the monster with the help of flesh, which is necessary for its existence, ambush and try to lure him there. Avoid ambushes that the monster could do for you, use ingenuity and cunning, dexterity and be careful, danger can wait for you even in the most unexpected places.Look for opportunities to sanctify the forest area with direct light to make your life easier. Help your team members if they find themselves in a dangerous situation, save their lives and don't forget your own.

Or, you can take the lives of hunters by playing as a monster, using monster features such as merging with the forest or summoning the nocturnal inhabitants of the forest who will gladly help you in your quests, as well as many other features that are available in the game. Using the power of the forest and your body does not give the hunters a chance to catch you.Break the generator set, which narrows the area of your location, do not let the hunters help each other and try to separate them, in this situation, victory will be on your side, look at your feet and beware of possible traps left for you. Hide your location and escape from ambushes with the features of your body, constantly maintain the level of hunger that is necessary for your life.Beware direct of light, which changes on some time pigmentation your bodies and makes you visible wood-your element and you in it is a master, which no one will give withdraw made there alive.

Decide what you like best and become a real bounty hunter or thunderstorm of all hunters.The choice is yours!

You can play a single and multiplayer game with friends or random players who will pick up for you matchmaking.


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