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End of Realms
End of Realms

开发: Marcin Jarkiewicz , Mateusz Jarkiewicz
发行: Marcin Jarkiewicz



What would happen if the first swashbuckling, fantasy, adventure and dungeon-crawling PC titles, were inspired by board games rather than tabletop RPG? What would they look like?

We don't know, but we decided to make a game that reaches for those inspirations now.

End of Realms is a turn based RPG (of sorts) where the core mechanism of travel and interacting with the world is inspired by classic fantasy board games. The kind where you roll a die, go one of two ways and your character finds something interesting based on where he landed. A sword? A monster? A magical contraption? Maybe something else entirely.

Combine that with a very simple turn based combat, painterly graphics and a plot of 70-something pages told in comic book captions, voila, what you get is End of Realms.


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