Nigel: The Minuscule Adventure :: Nigel: The Minuscule Adventure

Nigel: The Minuscule Adventure
Nigel: The Minuscule Adventure

开发: Samwise Austin
发行: Nigel Productions



Welcome to the strange and miraculously existent world of Nigel: The Minuscule Adventure! Explore a not too vast and not very satisfying adventure as Nigel travels across 3 worlds in search of reversing a manifestation created by poor life choices and burnt eggs. Meet new adventurers to join your party, complete quests for those you meet along the way, and most importantly: Have fun for a minuscule amount of time in comparison to other, much more popular video games. Nigel: The Minuscule Adventure is an open-world RPG adventure that comes with 3 possible (and very astonishingly similar) endings for extra replay-ability, if you wanted that for some reason. Battle strange creatures by taking turns (because there is... um.. Maaagic.. that uh, makes people take turns when they fight) in hopes of reversing the chaos which you have created. Be sure to support me to allow me to create new (and hopefully much better) video games in the future. I don't have a Kickstarter or a Patreon or anything, just support me in thought, I guess.


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