Unknown Castle :: 未知城堡

Unknown Castle

开发: Flyinglegends_Studio
发行: Flyinglegends_Studio



Unknown Castle is a puzzle adventure, where you explore your old family castle, controlling 2 characters helping each other.

In this game you control 2 characters, Halli-Valli and Huuma-Tuuma. You have to lead the two characters to their own doors to exit each castle room. Use stairs, moving platforms, switches and other things to progress. The game has also local multiplayer option.

  • 31 levels full of challenging puzzles + some secret rooms!
  • Dangers: In your journey you will encounter many dangers. Avoid dangerous traps and angry bats!
  • Secrets: There are secrets even in the level menus!
  • Unicorns...? No. It's just the imagination of great-grandfather.
  • Local multiplayer: Play alone or with a friend! One of you controls Halli-Valli and the other one controls Huuma-Tuuma.
  • Story pieces: Find them in the castle.
  • Uncover the background story of the castle. Who built it? What is inside the treasure chests? Who is this mysterious Mr. Freddi who has left some random messages in the castle? Where is the real treasure?

The only way to find an answer to those questions is to go and explore the unknown castle!


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