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开发: Neko Team
发行: Neko Team


Back Home, its a fast and very difficult game, made in retro style, 2D platform with pixel art and original music. Back Home was produced on the Construct3 platform.

- Giulia bought a game to surprise her boyfriend. While she was waiting, she was sucked into the game. Now our hero has a mission to rescue her before the game destroy itself.

  • Fast
  • Frantic
  • Intuitive
  • Very Hard
  • Funny

- In ordem to increase the difficulty, Back Home automacally saves always after the most difficult challenges of each part, like, bosses and phase with time, also, does not contain check points during the stage.

- Action never ends. Whenever dies, you are reborne immediately at the beginning of the level, being able to skip cutscene, to try the level again.

- If you see Léo doing a moonwalker or backstroking in the water it's only a swag way to face his fears. Sometimes our hero slip on the borders and fall from the platforms because he doesn't work out too much.

- The game contains more than 20 levels with different themes and specific machanics, that will make you cry in anger, because Leo is not a superman.


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