Joyfess Ep1: Martin's Secret Recipe :: Joyfess Ep1: Martin's Secret Recipe

Joyfess Ep1: Martin's Secret Recipe
Joyfess Ep1: Martin's Secret Recipe

开发: Sand Wagon Games
发行: Sand Wagon Games


Joyfess Ep1: Martin's Secret Recipe is a revival of the point-and-click adventure genre of the 1990s, featuring traditional animation, full voice acting, rich dialogues and an unpredictable, family-friendly story. Jump back into the all-too-familiar Caribbean setting in this modern classic made for the HD screens of today.

Help extreme adventurer Joyfess Tidesman revitalize his boring life by doing something fresh; away from his kraken-slaying routine. As he stumbles upon a cooking contest due the next day, it would fall upon you to figure out how to become a chef overnight. Work your way through a flow of logical puzzles to obtain a recipe, collect its ingredients and arrive for the cooking contest in time (and in one piece).


  • A Fresh Kind Of Nostalgia: Experience the familiar Caribbean setting through the fresh perspective of an aspiring cook (formerly a kraken slayer)
  • A Modern, Traditionally Animated Classic: Relive the classic adventure vibe in a modern game where every character is animated frame by frame for the HD screens of today
  • Meet A Funny, Fully Voiced Cast: Explore hundreds of conversation branches constituting 1.5 hours of spoken dialogue. Try some of the optional responses for more of the island's people and history and an occasional joke or two.
  • Beautiful & Cartoony: Wander an island across 15 locations with colorful and vibrant shades of happiness all over the layout
  • Moderately Challenging: Use deductive logic to solve fun puzzles with indirect hints to keep the game flowing
  • Family-Friendly: Joyfess was made to appeal for adults and children alike

What Are You Waiting For?

Get Joyfess Now! It took us over five years to make Joyfess in this beautiful and nostalgic image. With intellectual challenges, humor and a rich game experience that is second to none, Joyfess is perfect for anyone wanting to discover how good adventure gaming can and should be. Although it's mainly targeted at adults, its light-hearted and funny nature suits the whole family.

Give yourself a break from the intense modern games of shoot-em-up, blow-em-up, run-em-over-and-laugh and other competitive games. Relax and have fun.

If you are a real adventure game lover, you are committing yourself a crime by not playing this game. Get it NOW!


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