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Dungeons Again
Dungeons Again

开发: Team Lambda
发行: Team Lambda



Dungeons Again is a dynamic rogue-like platformer.

Legends says, that somewhere behind our village there is an entrance to deep dungeons, which are fraught with Amulet of Yendor — ancient artifact, that creates evil creatures that terrify villagers.

The protagonist is a wanderer, who decided to sneak through a hundred enemies down through all the floors of the dungeon, fight against the evil Minotaur and take his treasures.

This will not be easy to do, because according to the classics of the genre, death in the game is permanent, which equals the complete loss of the character and the new randomly generated dungeons.

  • Death in these dungeons is permanent! You will no longer see your hero if this happens!
  • Each dungeon is generated for each character randomly - there will be no identical dungeons!
  • Over 150 different items in the game, including magic weapons, accessories, and even BOOMERANGS!
  • Unique level design that allows you to use environmental elements to achieve your goals!
  • 6 skills with which you can create your own class!
  • FIVE locations, each of which is connected by the original bosses, different appearance and exclusive game mechanics!
  • And, of course, beautiful pixel graphics :)
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    Get down into the dungeons, Wanderer. Prove your skills.


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