As Far As The Eye :: 四海旅人

As Far As The Eye

开发: Unexpected
发行: Goblinz Studio , Maple Whispering Limited






  • 计划 为你的族人们选择最好的道路,让他们抵达世界之眼。
  • 探索, 在一个程序生成的旅程中,分析和搜索各个神秘之地以寻找失落的宝藏。
  • 收获,建造,贮藏和离开 在巨浪淹没你的族人之前离开。
  • 升级 使用职业系统来强化你的学生,使用建筑系统来强化你的建筑,并使用部落智慧来强化你的整个部落。
  • 生存 在残酷的环境中保护你的学生免受不可预测的随机事件的影响。
  • 结交盟友, 和他们谈判以获得资源 招募 新学生以及其他进行事件!
  • 向圣地献上贡品或是将其扫荡一空,但别忘了 你将承受因你带来的一切后果。.
  • 进行 一段和平的冒险, 四海旅人中没有敌人
  • 每次游戏都是一场全新的冒险体验,这得益于我们的 Rougelike 部落系统

  • 自由调节你的游戏进程 使用游戏中的修改器,可以调节游戏时长、立足点大小、资源生成多少以及更多内容。
  • 故事战役 将让你了解四海旅人的各种传统和传奇。
  • 解锁全新部落和地域。 这得益于 Rougelike 部落系统
  • 获取奖励 and 解锁新故事 通过 Rougelike 资源管理让尽可能多的学生们到达世界之眼

About This Game

Wake up, swell up and get up, Sigh. It is time to bring back to me the Pupils scattered throughout the world and to guide them. Do not worry, they will recognize you as soon as they feel your breath on their faces, as soon as they see their woolen clothes spinning, they will understand because they are waiting for you. Caress their feet, carry their bodies, lift their spirit and instill hope and perseverance in them.
Do not skimp on the gusts that will make them realize that the road is long and that it must continue, always, As Far As I.

You play as the wind guiding the Pupils, a tribe that must reach the center of the world. You’ll have to manage their resources, their buildings, and their lives. Help them grow wiser through agriculture, crafting, scientific and mystical research before the world is submerged. Be careful though, you have to manage your tribe perfectly and make sure they’re not starving or taken by surprise by the waters.

The game is a nomadic turn-based city builder. Begin a procedurally generated journey and survive halt after halt, as far as the Eye.

  • Plan the best path for your tribe to take in order to go as far as the Eye.
  • Explore, analyze and search places of interest for long lost treasures on a procedurally generated journey.
  • Harvest, build, stock and leave your halt before the wave engulfs your tribe.
  • Improve your pupils through the job system, your buildings through the improvement system and your whole tribe through Tribe's Knowledge.
  • Survive dire conditions and protect the Pupils against random events.
  • Meet allies, negotiate for resources, recruit new Pupils and more!
  • Make offerings in Sacred Sites or plunder them, but never forget you'll have to bear the consequences of your actions.
  • Live a peaceful adventure as there are no enemies in As Far As The Eye
  • Relive a new adventure each time thanks to our Roguelike tribe system

  • Tune your play session with games modifiers such as game duration, halt size, resources generation and more.
  • Play the campaign to learn about A FATE's traditions and legends.
  • Unlock new tribes and new regions thanks to our Roguelike system.
  • Earn rewards and unlock new stories and fates by reaching the Eye with as many Pupils as you can in this Roguelike resource management game.


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