Lost :: 迷失


开发: DSGame
发行: DSGame

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1.20個不同的角色! !不止20幅CG!
2.每個角色都有眾多liv2d動畫! !
3.每個角色都有最多5組互動!互動啊! !
4.每個角色都有語音! !
5.每個角色都有劇情對話和中文字幕! !

1. 二十個不同的角色! !不止二十幅CG! !被捉住的野生兔精靈,尋找主人的小喵咪,被觸手怪揉搓的女法師,女警長出警的組圖。 。 。 。 。
2. 每個角色都有liv2d動畫! !每個角色都有多種狀態動畫,豐富的微表情,自然的動作,不管是溫柔向你招手或是激烈的反抗都讓人血脈噴張,反正你想要的全都有!
3. 每個角色都有互動! !每個角色最多多達五個互動,不管你是喜歡溫柔的撫摸揉搓,還是用鞭子蠟燭暴力的懲罰她,還是想指揮如觸手怪般邪物細心品嚐女孩的恐懼,這裡都能滿足你。
4. 每個角色都有語音! !每個女孩都有自己的語音,美少女在與你互動的時候 時而在你的耳畔低吟,時而在激烈時大聲的喘息,都讓你身臨其境。
5.每個角色都有劇情對話和中文字幕! !劇情對話正在加急製作中,因為角色眾多和嚴格的聲優要求可能並不會全部如期上線會,上線前更新一部分,上線後再更新另一部分。

About This Game

This is a beautiful girl decryption game that uses the wisdom and observation of gentlemen to conquer the girl and girl interaction to trigger the unlocking of all animations and voices.

Five major features of the game:
1.20 different characters! ! More than 20 CG!
2. Each character has a lot of liv2d animations! !
3. Each character has up to 5 groups of interactions! Interactive! !
4. Each character has voice! !
5. Each character has a story dialogue and Chinese subtitles! !
6. Interesting puzzle play, enjoy the mystery of the girls step by step, find a variety of interactive props, and interact with the girl to finally make the girl reach the peak!

1. Twenty different characters! ! More than 20 CG! ! The captured wild rabbit elf, looking for the owner's little demi, was photographed by the tentacle female mage and the female police chief. . . . .
2. Each character has a liv2d animation! ! Each character has a variety of state animations, rich micro-expressions, natural movements, whether it is gentle waving to you or fierce resistance, it makes people spurt, anyway, you want all!
3. Every character has an interaction! ! Each character can have up to five interactions, whether you like gentle touches, violent punishment of her with a whip candle, or want to command the fear of a girl like a tentacle.
4. Every character has voice! ! Every girl has her own voice. When a beautiful girl interacts with you, she whispers in your ear, and sometimes a loud gasping in the fierce, makes you immersive.
5. Each character has a story dialogue and Chinese subtitles! ! The story dialogue is being expedited, because many of the characters and strict seiyuu requirements may not be on-line as scheduled, some will be updated before going online, and another part will be updated after going online.
6. The most interesting decryption game, that is, casual and burning brain, you never know what is hidden behind the murals on the wall to make the girl afraid of love.


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