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Nauseous Pines
Nauseous Pines

开发: Rail Slave Games , Jenny(18/f)
发行: KISS ltd



Nauseous Pines is the story of two nightschool students, united by fate and charged with creating their very first video game project. "Nauseous Pines"

What starts as a wild and passionate convergence of imaginations and cyberpunk body horror fantasies turns into a erotic psychological battle where only one of the creatives has true power and absolute control and the other must escape the escalating fetishes being breathed into this world and manifest in their relationship.

Gameplay Features:-

  • Experimental art/hunting sim utilizing 1980's style 3d dungeon style exploration......all on a high power vampire super bike.

  • Penetrating light engine featuring the "grunge gaze +" palette

  • Run over NPC'S to use as blood bread crumb trails to optimize your route

  • 3 Mix tapes featuring music by Isserley, F.Tyler, Rail slave and introducing JUJU, .

  • Writing by author Abram Taylor


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