Fallen Earth Free2Play :: 堕落星球

Fallen Earth Free2Play

开发: Reloaded Productions



在这超过1000平方公里的严酷而又神秘的大地上探索,收获,划清自己的地盘。公平发展和非线性游戏方式让你可以玩自己想要的角色。加入随机动态事件来获取资源,入侵城镇,夺取并控制Progress Town,应对突发事件,加入丰富的宗派背景故事,或者靠在拍卖行贩卖你制作或不需要的物品来维生。Fallen Earth让你想做什么就做什么。现在的世界可能是它从前的阴影,但是你将要实现的事情却有无限可能。


  • 清除,收获,制作你能想到的一切。游戏中超过95%的物品都是由玩家制作
  • 混合实时战斗系统给予你完美的第一人称战斗和角色扮演的双重体验
  • 宣誓效忠于六大宗派之一,并参加丰富的背景故事,这些故事定义了《堕落星球》的世界
  • 完全公平,玩自己想玩的方式
  • 探索超过1000平方公里的大地
  • 动态发生的活动,包括入侵和发现储备资源——游戏中时时刻刻都在发生着事件

About This Game

It’s 2156, and the world has been destroyed by both nuclear and bio-chemical means. Your story takes place in one of the few habitable places left in the world, the Grand Canyon. As a clone with an uncertain past, your job is survival in a world now built on destruction, betrayal and fragile factional alliances.
Explore, harvest and stake your claim to over 1,000 square kilometers of harsh and mysterious terrain. The classless advancement and non-linear gameplay allows you to play the character you want. Join a random dynamic events to capture resources and invade towns, capture and hold a Progress Town, fight through instances, take part in the rich faction backstory, or make a living by selling what you scavenge and craft on the auction house. Fallen Earth gives you the freedom to do exactly as you want. The world may be a shadow of its former self, but there’s no limit to what’s possible for you to accomplish.

Key features:

  • Scavenge, harvest and craft just about anything you can think of. Over 95% of the in-game items are player crafted.
  • The hybrid real-time combat system gives you the perfect blend of first-person combat and role-playing
  • Pledge allegiance to one of six factions and take part in the rich backstory that defines the world of Fallen Earth
  • Completely classless, play the way you want to
  • Over 1,000 square kilometers to explore
  • Dynamically occurring events, including invasions and resource cache discoveries mean that there is always something happening


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