Demolition Expert - The Simulation :: Demolition Expert - The Simulation

Demolition Expert - The Simulation
Demolition Expert - The Simulation

开发: abramedia
发行: United Independent Entertainment



3... 2... 1... 爆炸!

爆破工是你的理想工作吗?如果能做到正确爆炸,那就离成为爆破工不远了!在 Demolition Expert - The Simulation 中,恐惧不合时宜,而乐趣则源源不断。你还能在哪里有机会触发巨大的爆炸而毫无危险,同时享受爆炸效果带来的乐趣呢?

在不同难度的不同地点对建筑物进行爆破是家常便饭。要在这一行取得成功,掌握不同的炸药知识必不可少。Demolition Expert - The Simulation 保证带来爆炸的乐趣,老少皆宜!


  • 超过 50 个既需要技能又能带来爆炸乐趣的任务
  • 学习教程便可轻松上手游戏
  • 爆破专家 Günther 提供各种互动提示和技巧
  • 许多宏大的场景(港口、机场、工业)为各种任务提供广阔的空间
  • 爆破目标的可选材料分析提供了额外信息
  • 爆破引擎确保令人震撼的爆炸效果
  • 动态天气系统提供丰富多样的天气
  • 职业生涯和高分模式以及众多成就为游戏提供了长期激励机制
  • 大量统计数据提供全方位的概览


About This Game

3... 2... 1... Blast!

Dream job blaster? If there is a proper blast, the blaster is not far away! In Demolition Expert - The Simulation you need an overview, fear is out of place and there's no shortage of fun. When do you have the opportunity to trigger giant explosions without danger and enjoy the explosion effect?

Blasting buildings at different locations with varying degrees of difficulty is the order of the day. For a successful exercise of the profession, the knowledge of different explosives is indispensable. Demolition Expert - The Simulation guarantees explosive fun for young and old!


  • Over 50 missions demand skill and guarantee explosive game fun
  • The tutorial makes it easier to get started in the game
  • Demolition expert "Günther" provides interactive tips & tricks
  • Many extensive scenarios (port, airport, industry) offer room for varied tasks
  • The optional material analysis of the blasting objects provides additional information
  • The blasting engine guarantees impressive explosions
  • The dynamic weather system provides for variety
  • Career and high score mode, as well as numerous achievements, provide for long-term motivation
  • Numerous statistics provide a comprehensive overview

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