Serious Scramblers :: 混乱大冒险

Serious Scramblers

开发: Chinykian Games
发行: Chinykian Games



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  • 快节奏的街机动作
  • 各种障碍和生物多样性
  • 挑战的游戏
  • 超级boss大战
  • 解锁各种人物,每一个都有改变游戏的能力
  • 甜美的芯片音乐
  • 排行榜

About This Game

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About the Game

No jumping. Only falling.

Serious Scramblers is a fast-paced vertical platformer where you can't jump. Descend through a hazardous pit and defeat a massive monster lurking in the deep in this small but unabashedly tough game!

  • Fall your way through the super intense arcade action
  • Randomized level generation
  • Test your skills on challenging obstacles
  • Unlock new characters - each with game changing abilities
  • Get ready for the finale - MASSIVE BOSS FIGHT
  • Mark your victory on the leaderboard
  • Enjoy with some real sweet chip-tune music while playing the game

Serious Scramblers features a colorful cast of unlock-able characters, each changing the game in significant ways. Here are some examples:

Motoko - Time jumper

Like a certain innovative FPS, time only moves when Motoko moves. There is a catch however, the level scrolls a lot faster when time isn't paused - so, unless you want to get skewered by the ceiling spikes, you'll have to make each move carefully!

Silhouette - Gotta go fast

Silhouette moves at top speed at all times, so avoiding spike traps is as easy as A, B, and C! However, the trade-off is that there will be significantly lesser gold coins to collect.

Mummy - Gold Grabber

Fancy getting more coins to unlock more characters? Mummy's the one to choose. It's worth noting that Mummy is one of the slowest characters though!

Serious Scramblers is a highly challenging, yet simple game originally released on the iOS. While it has gotten a modest number of downloads on the platform, less than 1 percent of players have beaten the final boss. This led me to wonder how gamers on Steam would fare. Consequently, I decided to port Serious Scramblers to the PC while using this opportunity to touch up various graphical aspects of the game. It is a tiny and simple game, but I poured my heart into it! If you like a challenge, consider getting this game!

I welcome all forms of feedback on the Steam forums, discord, and twitter! Thank you!


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