Beat Diablo :: 节奏破坏神

Beat Diablo

开发: Solo-Man Games
发行: Solo-Man Games







节奏破坏神是一款 快节奏,动次打次的游戏。游戏将节拍指令与随机地图动作冒险相结合,玩家需要按照节奏移动攻击施法和使用道具,来击败一个又一个的搞怪敌人,搜集地图上的宝物和道具,不断深入迷宫的更深层,挑战那些隐藏在迷宫中的boss,并取回那些被它们夺走的宝藏。


如果你是音乐游戏的粉丝,如果你对自己敏锐的乐感有强烈的自信,如果你喜欢踩在动听的音乐节拍上载歌载舞的愉悦和畅快,不妨尝试一下这款游戏,相信我,它一定能 陪伴你度过美妙的时光。





About This Game

Hundreds of years ago, there was a devil called Diablo, which was rampant in the world and brought endless disasters.

A group of brave adventurers gathered together, they used the power of the HEART Of WORLD the to seal the Diablo, and then the world returned to peace.
Now, the Diablo suddenly returns to the world, and takes away the HEART Of BEAT from one of the six artifacts.

Using the power of the HEART Of BEAT, it reconvened its demons.

This time, the monsters are more diverse, including not only skull, bat, Tauren and dragon, but also bad guys from other parallel worlds.

They are most likely to walk and attack according to the rhythm, and the world will face another disaster.

A wave of warriors who have rubbed the Diabloon the ground countless times come to Rogge camp again. This time, their opponents are more powerful. The only way to win this war is to adapt to the rhythm, use the rhythm, and control the rhythm.

Brave, the world will come to you.

is a fast-paced, dynamic game.
The game combines beat command with random map action adventure. Players need to move attack casting and use props according to the rhythm to defeat one after another's funny enemies, collect treasures and props on the map, constantly go deeper into the maze, challenge the boss hidden in the palace, and retrieve the treasures they have taken away.

When players break through many obstacles and finally come to the big pineapple, the final secret of the story will be solved.

If you are a fan of music games, if you have strong confidence in your keen sense of music, if you like to step on the beautiful music beat to upload the joy of singing and dancing, you can try this game, believe me, it will certainly accompany you to spend a wonderful time.

The game provides players with more than 100 kinds of props, traps and mechanisms, dozens of enemies, several bosses, four act main maze and some branch mazes, and many small game copies. And several licensed music.

And the game will continue to update to expand these content. (your comments will also change subsequent updates)

The game is not the only way to defeat the enemy. In addition to using powerful props and weapons, many traps and mechanisms in the map can also be cleverly used. Each monster has its own law of action and weakness, and you will improve your skills in the process of continuous games.

Game update plan:

It is planned to update the content of the second act in the next two to three weeks, which will bring new monsters, more functions about props and playing methods. The camp of each main maze will also bring new playing methods, such as inlaying the gems collected in the maze into your equipment.

It is planned to provide cloud archive and achievement system in the next 1-2 months.

After that, the author thinks that he will make more use of the 3D features of the game and provide some playing methods that are not available in 2D games. Also hope that the majority of players put forward your valuable comments.


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