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Super Rebellion
Super Rebellion

开发: Colossus Game Studio
发行: Colossus Game Studio




人类屈服于星际间的外星帝国的力量,但设法组织并建立了一支抵抗军。随着他的军队向 地球外国帝国首都(CIAT)挺进,一个中队被派去打击一支由2000多艘位于地球轨道周 围的外星船队组成的舰队。



该游戏具有在线排名,特殊攻击和令人兴奋的游戏。此外,它的情节和场景灵感来自日本 系列,电影和歌曲。全部来自20世纪70年代,80年代和90年代。




该游戏的生命数量有限,有六个阶段,半程序编程和具有挑战性的难度级别。最后阶段 (第6集)没有结束,从而确保无限排名。
您根据自己的表现参与故事。当你被击败时,游戏会显示几个结局。那是对的:结局出现 在“Game Over”中!你能走多远?它会成为一个传奇,一个英雄,还是只是保持匿名?

- 几个参考:有小说和现实生活中的人物,乐队,歌曲,动漫,电影,系列......
- 受日本古代系列启发的故事情节。
- 原声灵感来自动漫,Tokusatsus和80年代的摇滚乐队;
- 复古与现代的融合;
- 与老板的激烈战斗;
- 六种不同的结局;
- 本地多人游戏;
- 在线排名;
- 半程序开发;
- 可解锁的船只和角色;
- 三个难度级别;
- 几个阶段,挑战越来越多;
- 老板和半老板。
- 要援助的物品;
- 选择船舶/角色。

About This Game

Something happened in the year 203X.

The humanity succumbed against the power of a aliens intergalactic empire, but managed to organize and establish a resistance army. While their troops advanced in towards the Capital of the Aliens Empire on the Earth (CAEE), an squad was sent to fight against a fleet of more then 2,000 enemies spaceships that was positioned on the Earth orbit.

Enlist to the Rebels army and boarding in a space ship toward the fatal destiny.

Super Rebellion is a shoot 'em up arcade.

The game has a ranking online, special attack and an exciting gameplay. Besides that, the history was inspired in japanese series, movies and musics. All from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Use special attacks on the crucial moments!

The special attacks are limited. They can be used when the item be collected. Use this with a strategy to defeat the enemies.
With a simple command, you init a attack that can change the story.

Where can you arrive?

The game has a limited number of life, six stages with a semi-procedural programming and a challenging difficulty level. The last stage (Episode 6) doesn't have end, making the game infinity to get up your score in the ranking.
You participate in the story according to your performance. The game have some finals that are showed when you are defeated. That is it: the finals show up on the Game Over! Where can you arrive? Be a legend, an hero or stay in anonymity.
Try save the humanity!

- Various references: There are characters from fiction and the real life, bands, musics, animes, movies and series;
- The plot was inspired by the old Japanese series;
- The soundtrack was inspired in animes, Tokusatsus and rock bands of the 80s;
- Mix of retro and modern;
- Frenetic battles with the bosses;
- Six different finals;
- Multiplayer local coop;
- Ranking online;
- Semi-procedural development;
- Spaceships and characters unlockable;
- Several stages with increasing challenges; - Three levels of difficulty;
- Bosses and semi-bosses;
- Items to help you;
- Spaceship select / characters;


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