Lost Empire 2977 :: 失落的帝国 2977

Lost Empire 2977
失落的帝国 2977

开发: J1 Game studio , Bornes Digital Utvikling
发行: J1 Game Studio



Discover your heritage while fighting of an unknown force that hunts you and your kind. To uncover the secrets of your past, you must follow the non-linear story-line and gather a team to aid you in your missions.

Lost Empire 2977 is a 3rd person, single-player, action RPG, set in a futuristic sci-fi universe. The gameplay and combat are real-time, but you can slow time to aid your strategic and tactical decisions.

The game offers a diverse gameplay:
• A 3rd person perspective with traditional keyboard setup (UPDATED)
• A squad of up to 4 followers of a total of 6 followers (currently).
• Action packed combat, with strategic/tactical aspects
• Spaceflight (in development)
• Character customization (in development)
• Crafting: equipment, weapons, armor and upgrades
• Gather and manage resources
• Buy/sell equipment, weapons, armor and resources at vendors around the galaxy
• Capture and defend strongholds/bases and resource points
• Collect loot throughout the game
• Explore worlds and space stations around the galaxy


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