Cerberus: Orbital watch :: Cerberus: Orbital watch

Cerberus: Orbital watch
Cerberus: Orbital watch

开发: Evil Castle Entertainment
发行: Evil Castle Entertainment



Classic top down shooter gameplay will take you to near earth orbit. You need to defence earth from allien ships with different technologies avaible to you.

In near future HORIZONS SPACE AGENCY detected allien signals from outer solar sistem. It was decided to send defence and research space station called Cerberus.

HSA also creates some prototype ships to provide security of earth.
First model was HSA Tracer 15, this small ship created on base of old spaceships then had less powerful technologies.

HSA's second model was Spark, modern light fighter ship, they added second laser gun and more powerful engines that provides higher speed.

Not only HSA but other companies created ships, Faber Space Technologies, company that creates defence systems starts to produce spaceships. their first model was Scutum-71. Compare to other similar models it was heavier, but has better armour, also Faber is company that invented energy shields.

Chinese company SW created most technological weapons, their flagman Rising is first ship that provides warp technology.

You need to contact and defence earth from allien danger. Be prepared!


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