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Somewhere inside
Somewhere inside

开发: Holy way
发行: Holy way



The game has 2 teams (skeletons and knights), a team guarding the dungeon, and a team that must penetrate and steal items.
Skeletons guard the dungeon and should prevent the team of knights from stealing items.
A team of knights can team up with their environment and must find all the items on the list to win the game.
The game has an atmosphere of fear and anxiety.

Rules of the game.
Knights team:
There are two main markers on the map, a green marker marks the room in which the first item from the list is hidden.
The white marker is the cauldron in which to place the item found. The main task of the knights is to pick up the item from the room and take it to the cauldron.

Team Skeletons:
Skeletons guard the crypt from knights. The main task of skeletons is to kill the knights by burning fire.

There are ghosts in the game, if they see a knight they tell the skeletons he is their place position.


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