Vladimir Putin Style :: Vladimir Putin Style

Vladimir Putin Style
Vladimir Putin Style

开发: USSR , Babushka Production
发行: KGB & HARDBASS Inc. , Cheeki Breeki Pictures



Vladimir Putin Style - 一个真正的爱国者,祖国战友和克格勃恋人的独特创新游戏!

喜欢俄罗斯和苏联? 疯狂地欣赏普京总统的阿尔法男性行走风格? 喜欢跳舞Hardbass,玩Balalaika,Ride Bears和Babushkas? 然后这个游戏给你!


  • «弗拉基米尔·普京的困惑»: 辛勤工作后放松身心的好方法,您可以决定位置,但最重要的是,您将与普京先生一起放松身心
  • «与总统的Jezzball模式t»: 躲避其他国家的总统,愤怒的巴布什卡总统和哈德巴斯战士,并帮助弗拉基米尔·普京解除俄罗斯的膝盖!


  • 创新税制“缴税入普京或入狱” - 这次大家都会付钱!
  • 弗拉基米尔·普京的个人评估系统 - 确定您在哪个位置上缴税
  • 有关世界伟大总统的奖励视频 - 充分享受总统的冷静!
  • 弗拉基米尔·普京亲自批准您在这里逗留



About This Game

Vladimir Putin Style - a Unique and Innovative game for True Patriots, Comrades of Motherland and KGB Lovers!

Love Russia and the Soviet Union? Madly admire the alpha male style of walking of President Putin? Love to Dance Hardbass, Play Balalaika, Ride Bears and Babushkas? Then this game for you!

Special Game-Modes of the Motherland

  • «Puzzles with Vladimir Putin»: Great way to relax after hard(bass) work and you can decide the location, but most importantly that you will relax together with Mr. Putin
  • «Jezzball Mode With President»: Dodge the Presidents of Other Countries, Angry Babushka's and Hardbass Warriors and Help Vladimir Putin lift Russia off its knees!

Unique Features

  • Innovative Tax System “Pay the Taxes to Putin or Go to Jail - this time Everyone Will Pay!
  • Personal Rating System of Vladimir Putin - Determine on which position you were placed to Pay the Taxes
  • Bonus videos about the Great President of the World - enjoy the coolness of the president in full!
  • Vladimir Putin personally approves of your stay here

Great Gift for your Hardbass and Cheeki-Breeki Comrades of the Motherland!

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is waiting for you in the game, do not let your beloved president down!


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