Deep, In the Forest :: 森林深处

Deep, In the Forest

开发: Satur Entertainment
发行: Satur Entertainment

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Game is deck building roguelite card game with rpg elements in colorful family friendly setting. Your adventure begins in kingdom, deep in the forest, full of human-like animals under rule of Mad King. But he not always was called Mad.

Our Hero used to be close to the royal family, now accused of crimes he never did.
The Princess, beloved daughter of the King is long gone. After losing all the hope, desperation and grief drives King mad. So he starts accusing everyone of the trison and involvement in kidnaping. No one is safe anymore.
Like many before him, Hero accused of kidnaping Princess. He is missing her too, but he is able to come to peace with himself. And to prove his innocence and restore peace in the forest, the Hero must fight his way through foes until he meets the Mad King and his counselor.
Hero may encounter locals and Barons of the different regions to become stronger and gain support. Some of them do not care about justice and peace. All they want is reward. Others were missguided or fooled.
During your journey, you will visit 4 different locations in the forest, find powerful items and cards. And then head to the King himself in his throne room.
So justice will be served. So peace will come again. So how this story ends? The cards are in your hand.

Implemented features:
  • Distinct battle system. Convert cards from you hand to increase your energy income each turn. Converted cards are removed from play until the end of battle. Save energy for power plays in turns to come. Manage cards left in your hand - it will affect the amount of cards you will draw on your next turn;
  • 50+ cards of 3 different rarity levels. Each card has 1 of 6 tags in game. Many cards has activated combo effects, based on previously played cards on current turn;
  • No card is useless. Every card has a meaning and it’s own value. Build your cards engine to synergy combo effects.
  • 28 items of 3 different rarity levels. Solve the puzzle in your bag to get maximum bonuses;
  • Rarity levels are: common, rare and heroic. Rare and heroic types have distinct and unique behaviors;
  • 12 foew with unique traits;
  • 3 out of 5 campaign regions;
  • Small pool of different routes for regions to explore and test general game loop
  • Different encounter such as: normal, hard and boss battles, rest, trader, and treasure area;
  • Local expedition progress and global campaign progress;
  • Experience system to improve your next run;
  • Defeated, but not captured. Even if you are defeated, you still keep your experience and gold. Your effort will never be in vain;
  • Complete the region, and choose what cards and item to keep. Those will be added to you campaign progress. You will never lose them, even if defeated.


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