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Paint Warfare
Paint Warfare

开发: Mini Official
发行: Mini Official



Paint Warfare (or PW for short) is an early access multiplayer paintball shooter FPS, with unique unlockable weapons and a fun low-poly art style.

The remastered version (which has been in development since late 2018) features better combat, brand new maps and weapons.
The vast maps supporting large-scale team and FFA combat, taking inspiration from real-world military combat around the world.

While this may not look, like your everyday shooter title, Paint Warfare combines strategy, along with fun cartoony gameplay to create a unique and fun multiplayer experience.

Key Features

  • Easy to pick up, with features designed to reward skilled and new players
  • 3 vast 2x2km maps, as well as a close range arena type map, encouraging both close and long range combat
  • Fight as infantry or in vehicles, such as tanks, trucks, RHIBs and helicopters (coming soon)
  • Features both FFA King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch and Teams King of the Hill modes
  • Cross-platform play with lightning fast Eu servers


Paint Warfare major releases are released every month, with smaller patches and content additions in between. The game is currently in a very early early access stage, with more content and fixes coming soon!


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