Time Hacker :: 时间骇客

Time Hacker

开发: Joy Way
发行: Joy Way




开发智能和强大机器人的实验室突然崩溃。 这使看似无害的机器变成了嗜血的邪恶力量。 但是您拥有一个秘密武器:即时停止时间的能力。 利用宝贵的冻结时间进行微小但重要的更改,然后随着时间恢复正常,观察混乱的发展。


占有机器人,然后迫使它们摧毁。 但是,为了确保所有这些邪恶的机器都被销毁,您还需要对场景进行合理的更改。


探索身临其境的虚拟现实环境,然后设置陷阱,以得出令人满意的“结论”。 炸毁易燃桶和易爆容器。 断链,解救人质,躲避射击,改变汽车和起重机的行驶方向,放置炸药,避震器等等。 确保您拥有所有的机器人,否则将会死亡。


时代黑客目前提供40多种不同难度的令人兴奋的级别。 完成简单的水平即可发展技能并学习基本控制。 随着您的进步,逐渐解锁更困难的关卡。 要完成最困难的关卡,您需要仔细构建一个序列


时代黑客还具有“沙盒模式”,您可以在其中放置机器人,汽车,炸药和其他所需物品。 创意破坏没有任何限制。

About This Game

An unlikely hero with an unusual power

In a laboratory where intelligent and powerful robots are under development, a failure suddenly occurs. This transforms the seemingly innocuous machines into bloodthirsty agents of evil. But you have a secret weapon: the ability to stop time momentarily. Use your precious seconds of frozen time to make small but critical changes, then, when the normal flow of time is restored, watch as the hilarious chaos unfolds.

A god of manipulation

Take “possession” of the robots, then manipulate them into annihilation. To ensure every last one of those evil machines is put to rest though, you’ll also need to make clever changes to the scene.

Create a glorious “chain of destruction”

Explore the immersive VR environment, then set up “booby traps” that will lead to satisfying “conclusions.” Blow up flammable barrels and explosive cylinders. Break chains, rescue hostages, dodge shots, change the direction of cars and cranes, place dynamite, shockers, and more. Make sure you get all the robots though, because if you don’t, you’ll be the one who ends up dead.

Train a devious mind

Time Hacker currently features more than 40 exciting levels of varying difficulty. Go through the easy levels to build up your abilities and learn the basic controls. Gradually unlock more difficult levels as you progress. To complete the most difficult levels, you’ll need to carefully plot a sequence of glorious destruction. To do so, you’ll need both mastery of the controls and sharp (and devious) mind.

Sandbox Mode

Time Hacker also comes with “Sandbox Mode,” where you can place bots, cars, explosives, and any other items at will. Here, the sky's the limit on your creative destruction.


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