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Home Behind 2

开发: TPP Studio
发行: TPP Studio









  • 一款roguelike游戏,你可以在随机生成的斯卡利亚西部地图上自由探索,逐步占领敌方的油田,城市,或是指挥部。
  • 多种独特的地形,以及数百种随机遭遇事件和建筑物,你需要根据队员的特点选择合适的探索和问题处理方式。
  • 招募并培养性格各异的游击队员。36种可供解锁的角色职业,搭配截然不同的天赋、属性和战斗技能,组建一支独具特色的游击小队。
  • 激烈且富有策略性的即时战斗系统,你可以随时暂停并为每个小队成员下达战斗指令,或是使用战术卡对敌方造成毁灭性的打击。
  • 随机武器和装备掉落,包括散落在战场上的数百种枪械,从老旧的二战退役武器,到最新的秘密试验型号,等待你的收集。
  • 重机枪,喷火器,或是火箭炮,自由升级并装配自己的车辆载具,并随着探索逐步深入,迎战愈发精锐的敌方机械化部队。
  • 建设并升级营地建筑。在营地内你可以分配战术,烹饪美食,升级科技,制造并强化武器装甲,为各种突发状况做好万全准备。
  • 通过丰富的主线和支线任务,以及数十万字的游戏剧情,深入探寻斯卡利亚的战争与革命史。

About This Game

Home Behind 2 is a Roguelike RPG which takes place in Scaria, a country engulfed in a civil war for 10 years. Lead a patchwork group of revolutionary fighters into the depths of the government's territory as you struggle to overthrow a brutal authoritarian regime!

In Home Behind 2, we travel 10 years in the past to Scaria, homeland of the protagonist from our previous story. Ruled by Akadullah, a brutal dictator, citizens of Scaria are beginning to call for liberation and revolution. As their voices grew louder, uprisings began spreading like wildfire across the country.

Banan, a female college student studying abroad, has decided to return to her homeland to participate in the revolution. With help from Prince, an eclectic agent from the Norto Republic, and Haroun, the disgraced son of a tribal leader, will you be able to face the dangers of western Scaria? Can you evade capture by Akadullah's regime and lead a revolution? Scaria's fate rests upon your shoulders.

  • Explore the randomly generated areas of western Scaria in this Roguelike RPG as you adventure, occupy enemy oil fields, and claim cities in the name of the Revolutionaries.
  • A variety of unique terrains host hundreds of random events and buildings. Play to your team's strengths as you decide how to solve problems presented by your environment.
  • Recruit and train dozens of guerilla fighters. Unlock 36 jobs, each with their own talents, stats, and battle skills, and assign your fighters to your team as you see fit.
  • A strategic real-time combat system. Pause time to command your teammates at any time, or use tactics to deal devastating blows to your enemies.
  • Random drops of weapons and armor. Hundreds of weapons spanning from World War II until the modern age await your discovery.
  • Machine guns, flamethrowers, or rocket launchers - which will you mount on your vehicles as your travel deeper into Scaria and confront evermore dangerous mechanized enemies?
  • Build and upgrade a camp for your Revolutionaries, allowing you to assign tactics, cook food, upgrade your technologies, and craft armor for your fighters.
  • Learn about Scaria's epic history of war and revolution through a massive main campaign and a multitude of side missions.


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