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Movavi Slideshow Maker
Movavi Slideshow Maker

开发: Movavi
发行: Movavi


Movavi Slideshow Maker 能够将您游戏生活中跌宕刺激的成败制成精彩绝伦的幻灯片,且是最简单和最快速的方式。


  • 使用“平移和缩放”工具将动态效果添加到静态照片中
  • 使用画中画效果一次显示多张图像
  • 使用慢动作让战斗视频更加热血刺激
  • 借助关键帧动画,使对象在屏幕上飞行

直接在程序内为幻灯片录制声音。插入字幕,利用评论说明状况。打算开设 YouTube 频道?没问题!为您的项目创建令人印象深刻的介绍。您可以选择其中一个内置短片,或创建自己的短片,然后保存为模板以用于所有幻灯片。


您能够以所需的任何格式保存视频:MP4、AVI、MOV,或使用设备转换配置文件。但更重要的是,您可以直接在程序内将视频上传到 YouTube。

About This Game

Movavi Slideshow Maker

is the fastest and easiest way to make a stunning slideshow of the great victories and epic fails in your gaming life.

Creative freedom

Use any footage you have, either video or screenshots. Move, split and cut slides, join them with spectacular transitions. Make as many adjustments as you need: crop and rotate pictures, boost colors, normalize the sound in clips, and more. Add the music of your choice and have the slides advance following the rhythm.

Whoosh, bang, clash

Need a little more action in your slideshow? Throw in some special effects:

  • Add dynamics to still shots with the Pan & Zoom tool
  • Show multiple images at one time with the Picture in Picture effect
  • Make fight videos more exciting using Slow motion
  • Send objects flying across the screen thanks to Keyframe Animation

Your personal touch

Record a voiceover for your slideshow right within the program. Insert captions with comments about what’s going on. Planning on having a YouTube channel? Create an unforgettable intro for your project. You can choose one of the built-in clips, or create your own – then save the template and use it for all your slideshows.

Slideshow Wizard

The Slideshow Wizard is the quick-edit mode with the superpower to create videos from your media files automatically. All you have to do is upload photos, videos, and music, choose a theme – and then wait for the slideshow to be ready. You can optionally tweak the video length and transition style.

Going worldwide

You can save your video in any format you want: MP4, AVI, MOV, or use a device conversion profile. But what’s more important, you can upload your video to YouTube directly from within the program.


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