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Drawing Machine

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Durer的绘图机通过将图片分成许多较小的连续连接的图片来工作。无需一次绘制一张大图片,而是一幅又一幅地绘制许多小图片。您可以看到每个较小的图片如何连接到其他较小的图片。通过指定所需的正方形数,原始图片被切成这些较小的部分。如果指定10个正方形,则原始图片将被划分为10 x 10网格的较小图片,总共100张小连接图片。总体而言,该技术非常简单且非常有效。



该应用程序提供了两个附加的有用功能,扩展了Durer的绘图机。 “十字准线”功能使您可以在网格内创建精确的兴趣点十字准线。您可以使用十字准线减少必须处理的平方数,从而使使用该技术更加容易。这些十字准线可以使您在放置关键点时完全正确。 “透视图”功能可帮助您将各种类型的透视图绘制到目标图像上(即1点,2点或3点透视图及其消失点)。这两个功能改善了Durer绘图机的基本功能。

About This Game

In 1525 Durer invented his drawing machine. It is a way to mechanically produce a picture. Drawing Machine is an implementation of this technique on a desktop that helps you draw a picture. This app will help you learn to draw. As your skill improves you can use the app less and less as you develop the proper mental repertoire for drawing pictures.

Durer's drawing machine works by dividing the picture into many smaller contiguously-connected pictures. Instead of drawing one large picture all at once you draw each of many small pictures, one after another. You can see how each smaller picture is connected to the other small pictures. The original picture is cut up into these smaller pieces by you specifying the number of squares you want. If you specify 10 squares then the original picture is sectioned into a 10 by 10 mesh of smaller pictures for a total of 100 small connected pictures. Overall, the technique is very simple and very effective.

This app is useful whenever someone who is not an artist needs to draw a picture. If you need to draw a picture to be used on computer then you can use this app to draw whatever picture you need. This is true even if you are a bad artist. You can take a picture with your cell phone and use that image in the Drawing Machine to create your very own personalized version of your photo. You can look up any picture online and use the Drawing Machine to create the picture you would draw if you really were a good artist. Therefore, this app can be used for design and illustration, for web page design, for animation and modeling, or for any process which requires pictures or images. You can use the app to become a better artist or to add your personal artistic graphic touch to your game. Many of us are not good artists but must produce pictures or images for our aspiring games. We can't afford to hire professional artists to create our pictures. You can plug this app into the gap in your skills that exists if you aren't an artist.

If you wish you can use the app only to locate and place certain problematic points on your target image. Alternatively, you use the app only for some of the picture but not all of the picture.

This app extends Durer's drawing machine by providing two additional helpful features. The "crosshairs" feature allows you to create within the grid pinpoint accurate crosshairs on points of interest. You can use the crosshairs to reduce the number of squares you have to deal with thus making it easier to use the technique. These crosshairs allow you to be exactly correct when you place critical points. The "perspectives" feature helps you plot various types of perspectives onto your targeted image (i.e. 1 point, 2 point, or 3 point perspectives with their various vanishing points). These two features improve the basic functionality of Durer's drawing machine.


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