Nigel's Journey : A Working Day :: 奈杰尔的旅程:工作日

Nigel's Journey : A Working Day

开发: Maestro Créations
发行: Maestro Creations





第1集秉承了老派FPS的基本原则。大量的动作,大量的血,大量的反派,没有多余的东西。玩这个游戏的时候没有 "超时"。夸张而残酷的暴力,我们喜欢。但如果你想避免过早的死亡,你就不能着急。要聪明。要有致命性。


办公楼很像迷宫。奈杰尔可能无法使用他惯用的路线出去。有时候,出去的路不会很明显,所以你必须找到能让你离开这个噩梦的出口门。这些门要么让你离出口越来越近,要么让你离即将到来的死亡越来越近。有一点可以肯定的是,要想在复杂的房间网络中 "导航",在充满敌人的房间里,并保持活着,并不容易。


  • 众多反派人物。
  • 战争氛围
  • 多种武器


这款游戏有4个难度级别。如果你是那种喜欢不假思索地射击任何移动的东西并躲在墙后的玩家,简单模式会很适合你。如果你想扮演特种部队士兵,不可能模式将是你的正确选择。不过要注意它可能带来的挫折感! :)





About This Game

Nigel is a former French special forces soldier. When he returned home after combats, he decided to leave the army and find an ordinary job in an office. One day, an army of terrorists invaded his workplace. Nigel had therefore to resume service to teach these bastards a lesson and find a way out.

“I won’t let any of these parasites survive.”

Old fashioned FPS.

The episode 1 upholds the fundamentals of an old school FPS. Lots of action, lots of blood, lots of villains and no unnecessary stuff. There is no “timeout” when you play this game. Exaggerated and brutal violence that we like. But you won’t be able to rush if you want to avoid premature death. Be smart. Be lethal.

Don’t forget to use your brain.

Office buildings are a lot like labyrinths. Nigel will probably not be able to use his usual route to get out. Sometimes, the way out won’t be obvious, so you’ll have to find the exit door that will get you out of this nightmare. These doors will either bring you closer to the exit or closer to imminent death. One thing is certain, it won’t be easy “to navigate” your way through a complex network of rooms, filled in with enemies, and remain alive.

The strong points:

  • Numerous villains
  • War-like ambience
  • A wide range of weapons

For newbies and advanced gamers

This game has 4 difficulty levels. If you are one of those gamers that enjoy shooting anything that moves without thinking and hiding behind a wall, the easy mode will suit you well. If you want to play as a Special Force soldier, the impossible mode will be the right choice for you. Be aware though of the frustration that it might come with it! :)

A script designed by gamers for gamers

If we like to know where the shots will come from when we respawn, we also like when we don’t know.
Now, this is why A working day will surprise you. The villains will never appear twice in the same place. You will have to be extra careful to not be shot or blown up though. You will also have to be attentive to your surroundings in order to spot the enemies.

Know how to snoop

If you like having various weapons, you’ll have to learn how to perform a proper search. Look everywhere and you will find a variety of devastating weapons. From the automatic pump action shotgun to the heavy machine gun and the assault rifle. There is something for everyone.


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