Nebula Within :: 内心的星云

Nebula Within

开发: Nick Oueijan
发行: Strafe Studios



"Plunge into the expanse within, the infinite nebula beneath your skin."

The challenges of your consciousness and their strange shapes swirl around as you navigate the cosmos within you. You feel uncertain, but with your Nebulatic Diary and the pages revealed therein, you find the Will to persevere through their steady advances

The Nebula is a both a place of adversity and meditation. Of solitude and of companionship. Tension and calm.


  • Confront the geometric abstractions of your feelings with different encounters every run.
  • Swift, smooth, and responsive twin-stick shooter gameplay.
  • Cooperate locally with up to 8 friends.
  • Play at your own pace: Explore increasingly difficult challenges or Reflect in peaceful perpetuity.
  • Rewrite negative thoughts into positive mantras.
  • Acquire reassuring allies to assist along the way.
  • Create chains of allies to help you progress through your emotions.
  • Face a variety of mini-bosses as you overcome challenges.
  • Find five different types of affirmations to empower you.
  • Reveal meaningful epigraphs, footnotes, and more in your Nebulatic Diary.

How we got here:

I began developing Nebula Within during one of the lowest seasons of my life to try to make sense of my experiences. In more ways than I can count, I was both looking to extract meaning from my circumstances and reassure myself that things could get better. My best friend, Alaric Qin, helped me a lot during that difficult time. I would later ask him to compose the music, which ( lucky for me and you ) he accepted.

What began as a personal project has grown organically over time, and it has personally helped me enough to consider sharing it with the world. My hope is that someone out there finds tranquility or the motivation to continue persevering through playing this game. It isn't perfect, but then again, nothing ever is. It can get a little tough at times, but so can life.

Hang in there.
You're not alone.

Nick Oueijan


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