Mine Trap Reborn :: 地雷陷阱重生

Mine Trap Reborn

开发: Steven Bower
发行: Thundermagnet


EDIT: Before I get into the game details, I need to point out something. The original goal of MTR was to make money, but that is no longer the case. My sister is having a child soon who will need three open-heart surgeries by the age of three/four. I want to use the sales from MTR to cover the costs of these surgeries, as this could be well into a million dollars, and neither they or I have that kind of money. 100% of the proceeds from the game's sales is currently set to go to a fund just for them to cover these medical expenses. So essentially, by buying this game, you are A) Showing support to a young family and a child who will be struggling for his life and B) Getting a pretty awesome game with about five-six hours of content if you are really good. I thank everyone who purchases this for their support in this matter. Thank you for showing your love and support. Seriously. I cannot do this without you. Spread this message to anyone and everyone you know. We as a gaming community can make a difference!

Now the actual description.

Mine Trap Reborn takes place in an old abandoned mine. As the miner, you must clear each level and progress- but be sure to watch out for the blobs! Play through 130 levels, 30 in classic mode and 100 in arcade mode. Classic mode sticks close to the game's namesake; Minetrap, a game which existed in the 90's (it does not exist anymore). Arcade mode is the new, flashy version, complete with earthquakes, lava, dark levels, wind, coins, overly dramatic music, alternative objectives, crumbling levels, bosses, and more! While in theory the game is simple, it is quite easy to end up in a bad position and die- there are death messages designed to enhance the user experience and provide encouragement for level progression. There is also word of a hidden minigame, maybe you should hang out on the main menu...

It is recommended one plays Classic mode before attempting Arcade mode. Arcade mode is much more difficult.
Kill blobs by digging traps, getting them to fall into traps, and then filling the traps in. Different blobs must fall different distances to be killed, or you can auto-kill them by dropping blobs on other blobs!
Generally speaking, the blobs must fall the following number of "levels".
Green, 1
Light Blue, 2
Red, 3
Yellow, 1
Light Purple, 2
Dark Purple, 3

Objectives Include:
Clear all enemies, collect coins, mine amounts of gold, FFA, and survive a certain amount of time.

The world's most interesting main menu (can't really claim this, but it is rather mesmerizing)
Steam Achievements
Steam Leaderboards
Steam Stats
Large amounts of splats
Large amounts of sass, in the form of over 125 different motivational messages
Gameplay modifiers
Overly-dramatic awesome music (looking at you, levels 49, 50, 99 and 100!)

Keyboard and mouse is best, but can support most controllers
Movement: WASD
Dig: J
Fill: K
Throw dynamite (only works on dark levels): space
Pause/Unpause: Escape

Classic Controls (can be found in options) set the game to use the old control scheme from the now non-existant game.
Movement: Arrow Keys
Dig: D
Fill: F
Throw dynamite: space
Pause/Unpause: Escape


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