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Crowded Blue Dot
Crowded Blue Dot

开发: cys20 studio
发行: cys20 studio



Crowded Blue Dot is a city-builder game that you produce various items and grow a city from a small village to a metropolis.

It's not easy to grow the city. Manage the happiness of the citizens, or population growth will reduce and your city will be paralyzed. Food production is also important. A large city needs a lot of food. If production doesn't catch up with demand, people will starve.

Crowded Blue Dot is designed to keep the game running smoothly even with a population of 10,000. Challenge how large you can grow the city!


  • 61 different kind of resources and more than 50 crafting recipes
  • 30 different occupations
  • Over 40 technologies to research
  • Possible to build a metropolis with a population of 10,000+

Resource Management

Many resources are needed for development. At first, simple items are required, but gradually complex items will be necessary. Increase productivity to support the growing population. Set production limits for each item or adjust the number of workers to response to changes!

Happiness Management

The population growth depends on happiness. If people are happy, the population will explode. If people are unhappy, the city will be ruined in the worst case. Produce 15 different cooked foods, or provide services such as education, healthcare, and security to increase your happiness!


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