The Shadow You :: 影中的你

The Shadow You

开发: Topchan Games
发行: WhisperGames



《影中的你(The Shadow You)》是一款讲述了两个不同故事,带有视觉小说和恐怖元素的互动冒险游戏。




  • 解决谜题并前往幽暗之域深处
  • 探索环境,发现揭开真相的线索,想办法逃出生天
  • 发掘角色们的秘密,并做出正确的决定

About This Game

About the game

The Shadow You combines visual novel and adventure while telling two different stories. Take on roles of different characters to explore the two realities, solve puzzles, reveal secrets, and make important choices that will change the story and lead to different endings.

Love story meets horror

Ophelia and Kiel fight together in a MMORPG and try to build a relationship in real life. At the same time, an unnamed girl tries to escape a grim and dangerous world of Gloom. You as a player take on roles of different characters to attempt to delve deep into their minds and souls to understand their hidden motives and desires and thus to understand the nature of people in general.

West meets East

A unique visual style and 2D graphics blend Western and Asian art techniques to combine drama and horror creating an intense atmosphere. The meticulous mixture of sounds, post-processing effects, and visuals results in a unique, immersive experience.

Brightness meets darkness

Experience the usual life of various characters in bright and warm colors creating a light and cheerful atmosphere of a regular city and then jump into Gloom - a place out of time and space filled with mysteries and horrors. Watch as the two realities get closer to each other and understand its cause while getting deeper into the characters’ minds and stories.

Main features:

  • A contrasting visual design of the two worlds for deeper immersion in different realities.
  • Two completely different realities and three storylines combined together.
  • A fusion of drama, horror, and adventure, with a little bit of humor.
  • Complex characters with their own secrets, desires, and pursuits.
  • Multiple endings based on the player’s choices and actions.


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