Rockjack :: Rockjack


开发: Man Cave Entertainment
发行: Man Cave Entertainment



Get Your Rocks Off!

ROCKJACK is a new space shooter inspired by the classic ASTEROIDS from 1979, as well as other games in the genre, all given a modern refresh. Fast, fluid, immersive gameplay is our primary goal in creating ROCKJACK!

You're a gig worker in the distant future, scrounging a living as best you can on the interstellar frontier. Short on funds, you've decided to become a ROCKJACK - and signed a contract with the GOX CORPORATION to venture out into the asteroid fields of deep space to mine for valuable resources! Your job will be to harvest those rocks and not get killed in the process. Ancient seeker mines and alien marauders haunt the asteroids and will try to stop you! And if the asteroids don't crush you, or the aliens vaporize you, the interest payments might bury you anyway...

  • Classic Arcade Action updated with better graphics, better physics, better gameplay, and a whole lot more attitude
  • Six different types of asteroids to harvest
  • Four different types of enemies to get in your way (More on the way)
  • Saucers drop more than 20 different types of powerups to enhance your asteroid-hunting experience (More on the way)j - use their own technology against them!


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