Spell Karts :: 咒语卡丁车

Spell Karts

开发: Polycat Studios
发行: Polycat Studios


Race around in magic infused go-karts with friends to win shiny pebbles. Or try your hand at one of the arena modes where you pit yourself against your friends in close-quarters combat. Win enough pebbles to trade them for new vehicles and avatars to show off your new found riches.
Each player has a number of spells at their disposal which can be used to inch yourself closer to victory or stop your opponents in their tracks.

The maps

There are 4 race tracks and 4 arenas as well as bonus maps with their own unique game modes.

Race tracks
  • Wild West - A "wild west" themed race track
  • Pirate Party - A lush, tropical race track featuring pirates and treasure
  • Boogie Bogs - A wide open track in a boggy marshland
  • Vicious Vikings - Full of snow and Vikings, a tighter race track with a lot of twists and turns

Arena maps
  • The pit - A desert themed arena
  • Dingy Dungeons - A dungeon with no escape
  • Ice Box - A harsh and icy wasteland
  • Pirate Island - A tropical island full of treasure

Special maps
  • Dungeon Dash - Dash through to the end of the map, avoiding all of the traps and obstacles along the way
  • Crash Test Studio - Training map with plenty of dummy targets to hit, learn your craft and hone your skills here

The game modes

Race modes
  • Race - Standard laps racing mode
  • Orbs of time - Complete laps whilst collecting orbs to stop the timer hitting 0

Arena modes
  • Pebble rush - Collect squeaky chests full of pebbles, collect more than anyone else to win
  • Arena battle - Kills grant points, score the most kills to win
  • Pumpkin thief - Steal the pumpkin and hold it the longest to win

Special modes
  • Dash - A bonus mode that will be included for the Dungeon Dash map, race to the end of the track avoiding obstacles along the way

The spells

The spell system consists of 4 schools of magic:
  • Arcane - used for slowing opponents
  • Fire - destroy your opponents, forcing them to stop for repairs
  • Nature - used for gripping opponents in place
  • Light - Heal or shield yourself. Also contains the rush spell, giving you a temporary speed boost

The 3 primary schools of Arcane, Fire and Nature come with 3 spells:
  • Arcane/Fire/Nature Ball - sends a ball of energy forward dealing maximum effect to a target (or targets) on hit
  • Arcane/Fire/Nature Blast - an area of effect wave centred on your kart, dealing effects to those near you
  • Arcane/Fire/Nature Storm - leave a storm behind you, stopping those attempting to catch up


After completing objectives you will be awarded pebbles, these can be traded in game for new karts, avatars, FX trails and new dynamic menu backgrounds.


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