The Night of Joe :: 乔的夜晚

The Night of Joe

开发: TNoJTeam
发行: TNoJTeam



You have been so nervous, holding your CV in your hand for a job you need but don’t really see yourself doing. After the interview (that went horrible) you went to the bathroom to "refresh", and you ended up falling asleep...When you woke up you still had this weird dream in your mind about a guy in the clouds telling you to be careful and giving you something...was it a flashlight?
Strangely you realize that it's already night time and you're alone in the supermarket. You're holding the flashlight in your hand, thinking that you are still dreaming but it is reality.
Something strange is going on here...
While walking between the shelves looking for an exit you realize that you are not alone, something in the Night is hunting you.
Armed with your special flashlight, will you have what it takes to get out of the building?

  • Each time you die the location of objectives are randomized.
  • Find and activate electric panels to then take the escalators and go on the next level.
  • Stop the monster with the special mode of your flashlight, but be careful it uses more battery and you will be defenseless in the dark.
  • Survive the Night.

  • No gore.
  • Meet Joe's special humor.


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