Super Indie Square - Fight Against Time :: Super Indie Square - Fight Against Time

Super Indie Square - Fight Against Time
Super Indie Square - Fight Against Time

开发: Eternal One Games
发行: Eternal One Games



Super Indie Square - Fight Against Time is our second game, where your goal is to collect all the coins before time runs out, and any simple mistake is fatal.

This is a little less difficult compared to the first game, but still It's one of the most difficult platform games you will play.

The game's graphics are minimalist and the character is cute, but unfortunately he lives in an extremely deadly a world with full of dangers. Collecting all the coins and completing the game will not be easy.

I chose to charge only one dollar so that more people can buy it, and that more people can have fun.It took a long time but I am satisfied with the result, I hope you like it.


10 stages- there are 5 stages with 2 levels of difficulty. They are beautiful hand-crafted levels filled with deadly traps.

Time - He will be your worst enemy.

Tight controls - avoid death with your hability, optmize controls for gamepads and keyboards!

Deadly traps - All Traps are designed to send you back to the start of the phase so keep an eye on them!

Hardcore difficulty - There's no fighting in the game, so you'll have to rely on your speed and reflexes to survive!

Immediate Restart - If you are one of those players who dislikes wasting time with game over messages, death counts or slow loading screens; then you'll definitely enjoy our immediate restart feature. when you die in the game it restarts instantaneously!

Great soundtrack - If you like rock you will enjoy the game's music tracks even more!


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