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Kings Town
Kings Town

开发: David Vetterlein
发行: Leturs Labs



Build up your own civilization in the time of kings and kingdoms. Become the manager of a little town and make it to a great city. Defend it from the magical portals, which threaten your country.

The game is about controlling your villagers to gather resources from the map. The maps are randomly generated, every single gameplay is individual. Your villagers can go mining, farming, chopping wood or do other jobs in a bakery or in a forestry. Every single villager is important for your town, you need to protect them from attackers.
Start building up your own military and build up a wall to protect your city. Your enemies will come in waves and will burn your houses down or kill your villagers, if you will not protect them.

Current features:
- Random maps with a lovely world.
- Many buildings and a good build-mechanic to create a big town.
- Villagers to gather resources from the map.
- Trading coins from taxes with resources.
- Directly control each villager or soldier.
- Save as many save states as you want.
- Fighting mechanics.


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