Tale of a Apocalypse :: Tale of a Apocalypse

Tale of a Apocalypse
Tale of a Apocalypse

开发: Steve Suetterlin
发行: Steve Suetterlin



About This Game

The Colonists thought they were discovering a New World through a Wormhole,
but its a Post Apocalyptic World where Humans lived, What happened here and why are Humans in this World?
You are part of the Third Research Group that was sent to explore this World.
build a Colony to ensure the Colonists' Survival .
the First Groups of Colonists have disappeared, only a Handful are Left ,
fight Mutants and Humans to Survive in a Dark World.

Current Features

Its a Early Access Release , be aware of bugs . I do my Best to make it Great

Gameplay -

Singleplayer Sandbox Experience

Crafting and Base Building

Explore a Post Apocalyptic World

Third Person View and First Person View

Research -

Researching Objects like Specific Plants of the Environment, Bio Samples from Lifeforms, Air Samples, Soil Samples and different kind of Artefacts

The World -

The Game World is a Post Apocalyptic Open World with many different Locations
like Towns, Neighborhoods, Military Bases, Bunkers and much more.

The Colony -

Your Main Place is your Colony where some Colonist still Life and you have to secure your Colony for the next Group of Colonists,
you can build your Colony how you like .

The AI -

There are different kind of Enemies like Mutants , Bigger Creatures , Mutant Dogs and Humans

Exploration -

You Will Explore a Post Apocalyptic World filled with creatures , Dangerous Humans and a Mysterious Vegetation .
there are some Places you can find Strange Artefacts for Research.

Developement Roadmap

Manage Performance and Optimize the Game

Trader and Trading System in other Survivor Places

Main story and Side Missions

Drone Features like , You have to fly a Drone to scan and map the Environment to actually have a Map

NPC Interactions like Companions , Manage NPCs in your Colony , Missions from Colonists and Friendly Survivors

Improved Ai Behavior, New Enemies and Survivors

More Complex System for Researching Samples for Bio, Air, Soil Samples, Artefacts and the Vegetation

Defending Your Colony From Enemys, Defense Systems like Automatic Rifles are coming

Day/night Cycle and weather System

Modular Building System for Buildings

Electricity With Generators, Windmills, Solar Panels

Coop Mode to Play With Your Friends

Multiplayer Raid Mode where you can host your Map or join on another Players Map to Raid his Colony

Interactions in The World Like getting Data from Apoc Machines to control them and Clear the Air to See the Sun Again,
Optional you can Change the Clean Air back to Mist with the Colony Control Center

Different Biomes like Rocky Wasteland , Snow , Swamp and a Nuclear Area near the Nuclear Powerplant behind the Wall

Wormholes open to other Worlds, you never know what you will find there or what will come out of the Wormhole.
you can visit other Worlds (Maps)


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