Square vs Triangles :: Square vs Triangles

Square vs Triangles
Square vs Triangles

开发: Tribial Games
发行: Tribial Games



Triangles are coming, and only the Square can stop them.

Get ready for Square vs Triangles a challenging old school 2D platformer inspired by 90's classics. Prepare to jump, stomp and dash your way through different levels carefully desing to test your skills and reflexes.

Explore various colorful and beautiful environments, face some quirky enemies and get inmerse in the new and exciting world Square vs Triangles has for you.

Who's ready for some old school platforming? Prepare for a challenge and jump right in.


Engage in crazy boss battles
Battle against multiple challenging bosses inspired by the all time classics and relive those great moments with a fresh spin of modern gaming.

Explore to find all the secrets
Immerse yourself in various levels and explore every corner to find all the collectibles.

Challenge yourself with multiples games modes
Looking for a harder challenge? Put your skills to the test with the one-shot mode: one hit point, no checkpoints; or the time trial mode: race against the clock to reach the goal.

Complete challenges to unlock costumes

Want to look dashing while jumping around? Explore every corner, find all the collectibles, complete all the levels to access new and crazy costumes


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