One Night on Halloween :: One Night on Halloween

One Night on Halloween
One Night on Halloween

开发: Cult Shock Games
发行: Cult Shock Games



One Night on Halloween is a short visual novel set in a typical high school in Japan. Hideyuki Takahashi is a 16 year old high school student, preparing for and planning an epic Halloween party that will surely change the rest of his high school life.

You interact with characters like:
Yoshiaki Kikuchi, a friend to everyone but above everyone else, he’s Hideyuki's best friend from childhood.

Akino Hanamura, a girl who was Hideyuki's good friend and which later became his secret crush.

Tooru Kojima, a troubled student who was moderately close to Hideyuki a few years ago but he grew into Hideyuki's bully and rival, for reasons unknown to Hideyuki.

  • 9 endings!
  • Manga styling with animations in 1080p
  • Around 1-2 hours of gameplay per route
  • 15 Steam Achievements!

Warning: This game does portray light expletives and underage drinking.


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