Gecata by Movavi 6 – Streaming and Game Recording Software :: Gecata by Movavi 6 – Streaming and Game Recording Software

Gecata by Movavi 6 – Streaming and Game Recording Software
Gecata by Movavi 6 – Streaming and Game Recording Software

开发: Movavi
发行: Movavi



Gecata by Movavi 专为想要一款方便而实用的直播与游戏录制程序的人而设计:设置快速,易于使用,具有您可能需要的所有功能。

立即下载该程序,开始在 YouTube 上尽情分享您的游戏评论、Let‘s Play 游戏通关、攻略和“妖怪杀戮”招数!


借助 Gecata 直播程序,您可以同时直播和录制,让任何错过您直播的人都可以在之后观看您的视频。




借助 Gecata,您可以将网络摄像机视频叠加到游戏素材上。





两个源 - 两个文件


  • 以 4K 和高达 120 FPS 的速度录制游戏
  • 在任何平台上直播
  • 捕获支持 DirectX 11 或更早版本以及 OpenGL 的游戏
  • 使用 NVIDIA® NVENC 和 Intel® HD Graphics 硬件加速将视频编码加速 400%
  • 以 MP4 格式导出 - 这是在 YouTube、Vimeo 和其他平台上分享视频的理想格式
  • 单独保存音频流,以便您可以轻松编辑录音,而不影响游戏声音
  • 自定义叠加,从而实时监控帧速率、位数、文件大小和其他指标
  • 随心设置热键
  • 一键保存屏幕截图
  • 打开“游戏”模式,程序便可在游戏启动后立即自动开始录制
  • 无需离开 Gecata 即可在 YouTube 上分享您的视频
  • 使用我们的视频管理器编辑和转换录制的视频

About This Game


Gecata by Movavi has been designed specifically for those who want an accessible and practical program for streaming and game recording: it takes little time to set up, is easy to use, and has all the features you’re likely to need.

Download the program today and start rocking YouTube with your game reviews, Let’s Plays, walkthroughs, and m-m-m-monster kills!

Record While Streaming!

With the Gecata streaming program, you can stream and record at the same time, so your videos can be available to anyone who missed your livestreams.

Capture Games in One Click

Use hotkeys to control the recording without leaving the game.

Add Webcam

Gecata lets you overlay webcam video onto the game footage.

Record Game Sound and Mic

Capture in-game sound effects, music, and dialogue to immerse viewers in the world of the game. Turn on your mic to liven up your footage with jokes and comments.

Record Your Desktop

Choose Desktop mode to capture your desktop or the games that are running in windowed mode.

Two Sources – Two Files

Save video streams separately so you can easily edit them afterwards.

  • Record gameplay in 4K and at up to 120 FPS
  • Stream on any platform
  • Capture games that support DirectX 11 or earlier, as well as OpenGL
  • Use NVIDIA® NVENC and Intel® HD Graphics hardware acceleration to encode your video up to 400% faster
  • Export in MP4 – the ideal format for sharing videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms
  • Save audio streams separately so you can easily edit your voice recordings without affecting the game sounds
  • Customize overlays to monitor frame rate, bit count, file size and other metrics in real time
  • Set hotkeys the way you want
  • Save screenshots in one click
  • Turn on Game mode so the program starts recording automatically as soon as you launch the game
  • Share your videos on YouTube without leaving Gecata
  • Edit and convert recorded videos with our video manager


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