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VR Maze

开发: William at Oxford
发行: William at Oxford







About This Game

Have you ever experienced VR through a maze? It can bring unparalleled visual effects to the player, and it can also bring the player an immersive maze experience.
The VR maze game experience is definitely not comparable to walking a maze on paper.
This game allows you to find a new way of playing a maze in virtual reality, which is very innovative.
The game screen is a maze located in the forest. After entering the game, you will appear at the entrance of the maze. You cannot walk around the periphery of the maze. If you want to leave here, the only way is to enter the maze and find the exit.

If you think finding the exit of the maze is very simple, then you are in danger; because when walking in the maze, you also need to guard against sudden emergence of zombies, dinosaurs, elephants, lions, crocodiles, hippos, etc. strange.
Imagine that in a lifeless maze, you are nervously looking for an exit, but suddenly a zombie with a terrifying face is running towards you. Are you shocked?
And when they see you, they will take the initiative to attack you, the only way is to defeat them.
Of course, you also need to protect yourself and don’t let them attack you, because when you are successfully attacked, your health will drop. When your health is 0, it will be regarded as a failure to break through and you need to restart your game.

Apart from simply building the walls of the maze, there is no extra scene setting in the maze.
But the first-person immersion of VR is still very strong, making players feel that they are really in this mysterious world, constantly looking for a way out.
For those who like to challenge thrilling and exciting games, VR games... are a good choice. I believe that the super immersion will bring you a shocking experience, which will make you feel endless fear and very exciting.

more importantly! This maze game also gives players the ability to create and destroy. You can create your own world. You will have your own small backpack with the tools needed to create the world.

And the rules of the game are simple and straightforward. For those who like maze puzzle games, come and experience it!


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