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Streatham Hill Stories
Streatham Hill Stories

开发: Anthony Staines
发行: Antz Technology



A Grand Theft Auto clone set in South London England. Steal cars, kill, get killed, get chased by police cars and helicopters. With your in game mobile phone you can perform cheats, such as; more life, more money, time/weather change even spawn a jet to fly! Best of all you can play online with others in free for all, either on foot or in the air with planes, helicopter or even be a bird.

This is the first release of the game, please read the manual before buying. This is a San Andreas clone not GTAV. There are currently only 3 missions and a free-for-all multiplayer mode. Please report any bugs or random crashes to me and I will fix them right away. Also let me know anything you think I should add. Head over to the official website to download the codec for sounds and the fonts needed for the HUD.



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