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开发: Sandstorm Studios Inc.
发行: Sandstorm Studios Inc.



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Stowaway is a find the impostor style game set in the 1500s on a pirate ship. There are two teams in Stowaway: the "Sailors” and the "Stowaways". The Stowaways are given a pistol at the beginning of the round and are tasked with killing all the sailors before the ship reaches land.

Voice Chat

There is VOIP in the game and you can communicate mid-round with other players as long as they are in direct line of sight.

The Ship

The ship is based on the Kriegsschiff Revenge, an English ship from 1577. It is fully explorable all the way from the crows nest to the bottom of the ship.

Current Roles

The Sailor’s goal is to keep the ship on course, make repairs and vote off the stowaways.

The Stowaway's goal is to kill the crew without getting voted off or killed by the detective.

Upcoming Roles

The Detective's goal is to figure out who the maniac and stowaways are and kill them with his pistol. If the detective shoots the wrong person, he will walk the plank.

The Maniac's goal is to sabotage and sink the ship. The maniac is on his own team and only cares about sinking the ship.


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