The Benza RPG :: The Benza RPG

The Benza RPG
The Benza RPG

开发: Guilherme Martins
发行: Tokyo Cowboys



Tired of sharing the spotlight, Inko Sensei has kidnapped Lee and trapped the entire cast and crew of the hit Japanese comedy television series “The Benza” inside of a retro RPG! Battle through thirty floors of their Japanese School. Visit the mysterious shadow circus. Challenge the battle arena. Join Chris and Kyle on their latest adventure to stop Inko Sensei and save Higashi Nakano! Featuring ten playable characters and over 250 new lines recorded by the cast!

-Explore Higashi Nakano and meet your favorite characters from "The Benza" and "Benza English"

-28 original songs featuring the vocal talents of the cast of "The Benza"

-An original story by the creator of "The Benza" Christopher McCombs

-Combat features an on-screen turn counter so you will always know who will attack when

-Swap characters in combat on the fly and customize your team to suit any situation


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