Void Encounter :: Void Encounter

Void Encounter
Void Encounter

开发: Jaroslav Patočka
发行: Jaroslav Patočka



Void Encounter is a 3D FPS alternative to currently very popular impostor-hunt games. Void Encounter takes that concept a bit further and features creepy level design, lighting features and random or impostor-initiated events.
Match begins with maximum of 10 players. One of them is an alien and his task is to eliminate every crew member of the ship and to not get revealed doing it. Every player has his own color, if emergency meeting is made following the discovery of dead body or recalling crew members when seeing someone suspicious, player color is used as an identifier for who should be sent out to the space through an airlock.
Crew members have to perform tasks to fix damaged ship and on the other hand the alien impostor has to sabotage their ship to get easy kills.


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