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Lava Escape Mine
Lava Escape Mine

开发: VirtualGo
发行: VirtualGo



A mining accident resulted in a volcanic eruption. Red hot magma is now pouring into the underground mining complex. You must escape the mine before the magma catches up to you. You are placed in an environment deep underground where you need to be agile and on your feet solving puzzles, opening doors, powering generators, Finding explosives and more. Lava Escape Mine offers unique levels with varying difficulty. Repeated failed attempts may cause negative consequences. Lava Escape Mine is a fully Immersive virtual reality experience that will bring panic to the player as you see the red hot magma catching up to you.

1.) There will be audio Hints through out some levels
2.) Hold your controller up to your head to reveal your notes for some of the levels that are more complex.
3.) When throwing objects release the grab button on the controller while your arm is moving to throw farther, or hit the object with another to make it go farther.
4.) There are secret levels hidden in the game that are to be found
5.) Look out for checkpoints. There are 2 main checkpoints and 2 secret check points.

Updates may occur to adjust gameplay and add additional content. Hope you enjoy your experience, and please let us know if you have any suggestions or improvements for Lava Escape Mine. The game still has fixes to be made and is early in development. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Available for the Oculus Rift:
Support for Vive may be coming soon

Developer and Creator: David Michael Montecalvo

Special Thanks to:
Tyler Cunningham: Music (The Secrets of Thoth, Journey on the Nile)
Maria Alejandra Bejarano Rodriguez: Play testing


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