Fight of Animals: Arena :: 动物之鬪: 竞技场

Fight of Animals: Arena
动物之鬪: 竞技场

开发: Digital Crafter
发行: Digital Crafter



《动物之鬪:竞技场》 (Fight of Animals: Arena) 是一款支援四人连线的大乱斗作品,本作品再次集结了《动物之鬪》所有角色,扮演ㄎ一ㄤ爆了的动物们,让战斗的激情再度升华吧(〃▽〃) ! !在这次的游戏中有着全新的战斗方式与更多变的场地与道具系统,最多还能够四人同乐!在变化多端的决斗场中,扮演你喜欢的动物并接受来自各方的挑战!







About This Game

(Fight of Animals: Arena) is Digital Crafter’s newest BRAWLER GAME!
Let the meme battle goes into NEXT LEVEL!! In “Fight of Animals: Arena” you get to play all the Animals from the previous 1 on 1 fighting game “Fight of Animals” and more! With varied stages, items and support up to 4 players local and online, “Fight of Animals: Arena” will bring you a brand new Brawler experience!! Let the fight begin!!

The fun should not get stopped by complicate controls! “Fight of Animals: Arena” is SUPER EASY to play! The game only requires 4 buttons and direction inputs! you will be a fighter right away without worrying how to do all the moves! Also, with the new Double Jump and Dash/Evade features, it will bring the whole game play into more intense and exciting level!

Yes, that’s right! We got items and weapons in “Fight of Animals: Arena”. You can throw them, and swipe them to whoever getting your way, even eat them!?

Each stage comes with different environment and variant kind of traps!! For example, the swamp that slow you down, iceberg that make you slide around or even a bush you can hide in it!?

The bush you can hide inside, falling ice cone from the top, mystery portal…etc

That’s right, “Fight of Animals: Arena” is a brawler game which
support 4 players local and ONLINE!
Players can select severs around your location and experience our stable high quality rollback online netcode. More than that, Digital Crafter has enhanced the online room feature to make online matching even easier for everyone!

Choose your main and get to know the stages and traps, become the king of all the animals!
Let’s roll!!


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