Dark Fantasy Warriors :: Dark Fantasy Warriors

Dark Fantasy Warriors
Dark Fantasy Warriors

开发: indiegames3000
发行: indiegames3000

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Dark Fantasy Warrior is a third-person action role-playing game in Dark Souls style.
Extremely dark, deep and DIFFICULT! All of that in this super action game and prepare to die. Are you ready to fight Darkness?

Welcome to a super dark fantasy universe with tense dungeon crawling and fearsome enemies.
Prepare yourself for a new world with full of enemies from Darkness, but most of all, prepare to die.
You will face countless enemies, demons and big-bosses. Use different type of combat attacks to win this game - from simple
swords and archery to super great magic opportunities. Can you survive in this Darkness???
We were inspired by Dark Souls game and it was created by ONE MAN ONLY!!!

Key Features:

- Difficult, difficult and again Extremely DIFFICULT!!!
- Very dark and deep!
- 4 unique environment worlds!
- Fearsome enemies
- Big-bosses
- Different type of attacks - swords, archery and MAGIC!
- And even more...


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