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Pan-Arcade Airlines
Pan-Arcade Airlines

开发: Siarhei Kauzunovich
发行: Siarhei Kauzunovich



Pan-Arcade Airlines is an arcade flight simulator based on real physics. Tired of lining up with the runway but still want the thrill of flight? This game is for you.

  • Arcade simplicity with real flight physics.
  • Fly airplanes from the history of development of civil aviation.
  • Upgrade your fleet to increase passenger satisfaction and prestige of your company.
  • Follow ATC instructions.
  • ...and watch your fuel.

Planned features:

  • Improved physics.
  • Flaps, spoilers and other control surfaces.
  • Wide range of functional airplane upgrades such as ILS, PAPI, TCAS, etc.
  • Research and development.
  • Airline and aircraft livery customization.
  • 100+ new airplanes from Wright brothers to modern times.
  • Story mode based on development of civil aviation.
  • All major world airports to fly to.
  • Entire world simulation.
  • Improved ATC.
  • Unforeseen events: bird strikes, failures, bad weather, traffic, etc.
  • Day and night cycle.
  • Weather simulation.
  • Ground personnel and services.
  • Improved graphics.
  • Full controller support.
  • Steam achievements.


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