Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition :: 劫后余生:疯狂

Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition

开发: Intoxicate Studios


今年是 2035 年。大约 20 年前共和国的公民不得不在地狱般的第三次世界大战中寻找庇护。只有少数人能有幸找到"荣耀"之门背后的避难所。如今,人们对死亡的恐惧已渐渐淡化成为一段不愉快的记忆,曾经的避难所变成了一座监狱。被困在地下的幽闭空间之中,没有任何希望逃脱,阴影将秘密深藏,甚至比弥漫在"荣耀"避难所居民中的疯狂更可怕。


音乐位于您 Steam 目录中《劫后余生:疯狂》扩展版的文件夹:...""""Steam""""steamapps""""common""""Afterfall InSanity""""soundtrack


  • 细致而广阔的环境,铺砌于真实地点的后启示录版本之上
  • 广阔的地图,包括大型城市,隧道,掩体和深矿井
  • 令人兴奋的,意想不到而又曲折丰富的故事情节
  • 丰富的武器库与众多类型的对手
  • 尖端的效果,采用最新的"虚幻 3"引擎

About This Game

The year is 2035. Almost 20 years ago citizens of The Republic had to search for a shelter from the hell of the Third World War. Only a few were fortunate enough to find a safe haven behind the gates of 'Glory'. Today, when the fear of death on the surface has become merely an unpleasant memory, the once safe hideout became a prison. Buried underground, trapped in the claustrophobic space with no hope of escape, the shadows hide secrets darker and more terrifying than the madness that takes over residents of the Shelter 'Glory'.

Play the game, overcome your fears, save the residents of the Shelter and try to find a new safe harbor… but is anything safe after the Fall?

Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition also includes Music inspired by the game.
Songs will be placed in the Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition folder in your Steam directory:
...""Steam""steamapps""common""Afterfall InSanity""soundtrack

Key Features

  • Detailed and extensive evironments set in post-apocalyptic versions of real-world locations
  • Expansive levels with giant cities, tunnels, bunkers and deep mines
  • An exciting and rich story with unexpected twists and turns
  • Extensive weapons arsenal with myriad types of opponents
  • State-of-art effects using the newest Unreal Engine 3


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